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20 May 2020

Originally published: 2015/02/12

Compilation of some pictures I took some weeks back. I have been busy with college and as much as I’d like to sit down and write a good post for the blog, I am unable to give the time.

Anyway, last year I had this opportunity to go on a trek with my cousins, I witnessed the best sunset of 2014. This year, I shot a catholic wedding partly, so some pictures from that are included below. Other than that, I’m always in this creative block. No ideas to write a good post nor the time to get out with the camera and shoot something. There are these times when I jot down inspirations for my personal project, but the whole thing gets scrapped due to college.

So, without further ado, lets get to the images.

Sunset from the Deccan plateau.

Evening’s Moon.


Personally, I love the landscapes.